Mother of All Life

by John M

He forms the fabric of all and into this vast wonder, She breathes life. More than a Father only, a Mother to you as well.

She is the most profound place of tranquil repose at the very core; the Sovereign Axis upon which life turns. More than a companion, She strides upon the crest of eternity and calms the storm. She is the light which leads through darkness, nurturing with gentle ease.

She is the Living Source of all upon the earth and far beyond. In Her, existence finds completion and balance, truth and purpose.

She treads upon the waves, to glance over each surface and penetrate every depth; Divine Complement and Eternal Counterpart, She encompasses life.

She nourishes the born and the unborn, composing the bond of mother for child, deeper than blood. Life itself unfolds in Her loving embrace.

Her touch is the gentle breeze which stirs but a single leaf; the delicate breath of each sleeping infant.

She guides homeward those lost by a careless world. Arms outstretched, She beckons; Mother of All Life, Mother of Angels.

For an age She was concealed, the child bereft, but no longer. She makes eternity worth having.

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