Seek and you shall find

I illustrated my experience seeking Heavenly Mother as a 9-part comic.

I'm not sure what sparked my journey, but I started feeling a strong desire to seek my Heavenly Mother about 3 years ago.
I read everything I could get my hands on--I felt like the more I read the more I knew who She was.
Looking back, it was a surface-level, academic kind of knowing. I wouldn't really come to know Her until I reached out.
There was nothing special about that day, but in a quite moment, for the first time I asked her direcly: Mother, where are you?
I never expected such an immediate answer: I'm right here.
It felt like the warmest embrace, like She had been standing right behind me just waiting for me to turn around. We've had a lot to talk about since then.
I am right here.
Now, I see Her everywhere--in every lovely flower, every gnarled tree, every warm hug, every child who cries out for their mommy.
God is Love, it says in the Bible. Mother God is Love.

by Brittany Long Olsen, 28