Resources: Audio, Videos, and Visual

This is a collection of a few of the resources available to learn about Heavenly Mother.


"Our Heavenly Mother", Mormon Channel, August 20, 2018.

"Is there a Heavenly Mother?", Mormon Channel, August 20, 2018.

"Fiona Givens on Christ's Role as Healer, Heavenly Mother's Role in the Plan of Salvation + More," LDS Living.

"Heavenly Mother—What We Know and How to Find Belonging in Our Eternal Family," LDS Living.

"Is Heavenly Mother a Member of the Godhead?," Sunstone.

"The Queendom of God & Modern Day Mormonism’s Concept of Heavenly Mother and the Modern Day Wiccan Concept of the Goddess" Sunstone.

"Why I Don't Need Heavenly Mother" Sunstone.

"Heavenly Mother and the Letter of the Law" Sunstone.

"Material Improvement: Explicit Statements On The Matter Of Heavenly Mother" Sunstone.

"Episode 12: Finding the Divine Feminine, Part I" Daughters of Mormonism.

"Reviewing the Mother in Heaven LDS Essay" Mormon Stories.

"Heavenly Mother" Mormon Discussion Podcast.

"Heavenly Mother in Today's Mormonism" Mormon Matters.

Other Audio


A Mother There (video montage by Momma Pool).

Fiona Givens on Feminism and Heavenly Mother from the 2019 Mormon Studies Conference; Women of Mormondom, hosted by Utah Valley University.

Other Visuals

A Mother Here: Art and Poetry Contest.

"Her" by Anna Marie Killian.

Heavenly Mother Exhibit: A Space for the Contemplation of a Sacred Silence" by Katie Payne.