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Teaching Children

Teaching children is a process that can often strengthen the understanding of the teacher as much as it does the learner. These materials are created with the intent of simply and powerfully teaching concepts about our Heavenly Mother. By approaching these topics at an early age, parents and teachers can help children gain a foundational understanding of our Mother in Heaven that will strengthen and inspire them throughout their lives.

The Friend

“Kylie’s Parents,” by Jennifer Maddy, the Friend,

Lesson Helps

Heavenly Mother, Eve, and Matryoshka Dolls (ages 3-8), a lesson plan based on Rachel Hunt Steenblick’s poem “Matryoshka Dolls”.

Children’s Books

Our Heavenly Family, Our Earthly Families by Caitlin Connolly, Bethany Brady Spalding, and McArthur Krishna.

Mama God, Papa God: A Caribbean Tale by Richardo Keens-Douglas.

Big Momma Makes the World, written by Phyllis Root, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

Mr. and Mrs. God in the Creation Kitchen written by Nancy Wood, illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering.

A Girl’s Guide to Heavenly Mother by McArthur Krishna and Bethany Brady Spalding.

A Boy’s Guide to Heavenly Mother by McArthur Krishna and Martin Pulido.

My Little Latter-Day Saint Library: Heavenly Parents, written by Samantha Millburn, illustrated by McKenzie West.