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Teenagers make an important contribution to the world. You often bring new perspectives, and they represent the future of our world. You are an essential part of the discussion about our Heavenly Mother. By knowing Her during your teenage years, the relationship you develop with Her will be foundational throughout your life.

16 Oct: Aspen’s Heavenly Mother

by Aspen Douglas Watercolor 2020.

20 Apr: My Heavenly Parents

My Heavenly Parents by Annalise Drewes I love being able to have the knowledge that not only do we have a loving Heavenly Father, but we also have an equally…

18 Dec: I’ll know Them when I see Them

I work at seagull book (an LDS bookstore) and I have this one coworker who is an older woman, probably in her late 60s, who joined the church in 2005….

06 Dec: Her Light

  Her Light by Emily Paige I created this piece in order to showcase the divine nature that is found within each of us. The divine light of our Heavenly…