As parents, you are the primary influencers of your children. Yours is the opportunity to help them understand that in addition to their family on Earth, they have a family in Heaven that loves them. Heavenly Mother is an important part of that heavenly family. The sooner children understand this, the more fully it will impact the formulation of their faith and identities. For young girls, knowing Heavenly Mother can help them internalize their potential as leaders with power and authority. For young boys, having a relationship with Heavenly Mother can positively impact their view of girls and women in ways that are powerful and substantive rather than pedestalizing.

14 Nov: Divinity can be found within each human heart

  Bethany talks about  a painting by Irek Szelag called “The Black Madonna Of Czestochowa.” You may want to look…

14 Nov: One Great Whole

One Great Whole by juliablakeart I hope my daily life, actions and thoughts help increase connection to God (Father+Mother), uncover,…

10 Nov: Heavenly Mother is and has been ever present in my scriptures and my life

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26 Oct: We have to learn about Heavenly Mother to know ourselves

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23 Oct: Hidden and Seeking

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22 Oct: I talked about Heavenly Mother in Primary lessons

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21 Oct: Mother’s Lap

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03 Oct: Heavenly Mother

Heavenly Mother by Stephanie Low

03 Oct: Mother Goddess

  Mother Goddess by Stephanie Low

11 Sep: Together They Held The World In Its Place

Together They Held the World In Its Place by Caitlin Connolly More artwork can be seen at Instagram: @caitlin_connolly_

11 Sep: In Their Image

In Their Image by Caitlin Connolly More artwork can be seen at Instagram: @caitlin_connolly_