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Individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ bring a unique contribution to the conversation about Heavenly Mother. Like Her, your presence in our faith community is essential, valuable, and powerful, but often overlooked or misunderstood. Thus, your perspective on Heavenly Mother can often expand beyond how She is traditionally viewed.


09 Apr: Is There No Other Way?

Is There No Other Way? by Janna Sue I wanted to portray the moment Eve decided to leave the garden of Eden

12 Dec: Watching Over the Nativity

Watching Over the Nativity by Charlotte Scholl Shurtz I imagine it was hard for Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father to send Jesus to earth. Perhaps they watched over Mary as…

27 Oct: Heavenly Mother is Packing a Suitcase

She sniffles, and wipes her nose with the back of her hand before folding up the rest of a gossamer sheet. “MoOoOom,” I whine. “I’ll be fine. There will be…

08 Oct: Knitting the World

Knitting the World by Charlotte Scholl Shurtz I recently painted this picture showing a woman’s hands knitting the Earth. I believe Heavenly Mother is a creator, and that She is…

03 Oct: Heavenly Mother

Heavenly Mother by Stephanie Low

03 Oct: Mother Goddess

  Mother Goddess by Stephanie Low

11 Sep: Asherah Abscondita Artist Book

Asherah Abscondita Artist Book by Charlotte Scholl Shurtz Handmade accordion book with poem and vine patterns. The poem was inspired by reading William Dever’s Did God Have a Wife? Archeology…

11 Sep: Heavenly Mother

Heavenly Mother by Charlotte Scholl Shurtz Acrylic on canvas.

11 Sep: The Mother Creates Eve

The Mother Creates Eve by Ellison Barry Duclos