Young Adults

Young adults are the emerging leaders of the Church and the world. As you continue learning and sharing your beliefs about Heavenly Mother, your ability to lead in a compassionate, empathetic manner will increase. Knowledge of Heavenly Mother can bless the decisions you make in your life and can help you decide how best to develop your divine potential.

08 Oct: Knitting the World

Knitting the World by Charlotte Shurtz I recently painted this picture showing a woman’s hands knitting the Earth. I believe…

07 Oct: She’s got the whole world

She’s got the whole world by Matilyn Mortensen

06 Oct: I heard Heavenly Mother’s voice when I gave priesthood blessings

by C. Oliver I always felt closest to my Heavenly Mother as a missionary whenever I gave blessings to sister…

11 Sep: Mother

by Sadie Anderson “Mother” was written during a time that I was feeling a lot of anxieties about what my…

11 Sep: Asherah Abscondita Artist Book

Handmade accordion book with poem and vine patterns. The poem was inspired by reading William Dever’s Did God Have a…

11 Sep: Mother of Light

Mother of Light by Emily Peck Watercolor. Because She is a light in the darkness.

11 Sep: Heavenly Mother

Heavenly Mother by Charlotte Shurtz Acrylic on canvas.

11 Sep: The Mother Creates Eve

The Mother Creates Eve by Ellison Barry Duclos

10 Sep: Journey to Faith in Heavenly Mother

by Emily Peck In a dark time in my life, I dreamt a Woman told me to trust Her. I…

10 Sep: Called to Serve by Her

by Kayla Bach While I no longer remember the exact words my house mate said to me on that day,…