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Find Yourself Here

It is important to see ourselves and our experiences reflected in art and media. That’s why we created this page—so you can find yourself in the creations that have been submitted.


Even adult children need their Heavenly Mother. All the works collected here are created by or for adults.

Young Adults

Young adults are the emerging leaders of the Church and the world. As you continue learning and sharing your beliefs about Heavenly Mother, your ability to lead in a compassionate, empathetic manner will increase. Knowledge of Heavenly Mother can bless the decisions you make in your life and can help you decide how best to develop your divine potential.

23 Jul: Their Priesthood

We learn in D&C that the mysteries of God can be revealed to us, but I feel like when there are mysteries we seek that aren’t sought out by the…

16 Oct: Watching Over Me

by Jessica Fink Blaine Since developing my relationship with Heavenly Mother, I have become increasingly aware that She is watching over me. This is knowledge I wish the whole world…

16 Oct: Woman Clothed With the Sun

by Melissa Michiale Horlacher Colored Pencil, February 2021. Revelation 12: 1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her…


Teenagers make an important contribution to the world. You often bring new perspectives, and they represent the future of our world. You are an essential part of the discussion about our Heavenly Mother. By knowing Her during your teenage years, the relationship you develop with Her will be foundational throughout your life. 

16 Oct: Aspen’s Heavenly Mother

by Aspen Douglas Watercolor 2020.

20 Apr: My Heavenly Parents

My Heavenly Parents by Annalise Drewes I love being able to have the knowledge that not only do we have a loving Heavenly Father, but we also have an equally…


Just as the Savior gathered the children and blessed them, so does our Heavenly Mother love and bless Her children. Children are often the most receptive individuals for truth, light, and goodness. There is no better time to learn about and love Heavenly Mother than during childhood. Such an experience sets the foundation for the rest of the child’s life.

26 May: Playing “Queen”

This morning, I heard my 3-year-old daughter playing “Queen” which is one of her favorite games. She loves to act like royalty and pretend to tell imaginary people what to…

30 Mar: Watching Over Us

  Watching Over Us by Paige Payne I have been nervous to post this, because it is so precious to me, and a slight departure from my recent artwork. But…

26 Mar: Zara’s Heavenly Mother

Zara’s Heavenly Mother by Zara Krishna Zara said, “This is heavenly mother. The big one. The small one is a girl trying to go save people. Heavenly Mother is going to…

24 Feb: I Have A Heavenly Mother!

My six year old son helped me write the words to this song. He wanted everyone to know that the most important thing about Heavenly Mother is that she loves…


As parents, you are the primary influencers of your children. Yours is the opportunity to help them understand that in addition to their family on Earth, they have a family in Heaven that loves them. Heavenly Mother is an important part of that heavenly family. The sooner children understand this, the more fully it will impact the formulation of their faith and identities. For young girls, knowing Heavenly Mother can help them internalize their potential as leaders with power and authority. For young boys, having a relationship with Heavenly Mother can positively impact their view of girls and women in ways that are powerful and substantive rather than pedestalizing.

09 Jan: We all need our Heavenly Mother

In 2020, I was struggling trying to support my husband who is a full time Ph.D. student, homeschool and care for my four young children, find direction in my own…


Individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ bring a unique contribution to the conversation about Heavenly Mother. Like Her, your presence in our faith community is essential, valuable, and powerful, but often overlooked or misunderstood. Thus, your perspective on Heavenly Mother can often expand beyond how She is traditionally viewed.

09 Apr: Is There No Other Way?

Is There No Other Way? by Janna Sue I wanted to portray the moment Eve decided to leave the garden of Eden

12 Dec: Watching Over the Nativity

Watching Over the Nativity by Charlotte Scholl Shurtz I imagine it was hard for Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father to send Jesus to earth. Perhaps they watched over Mary as…

Friends of Other Faiths

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not the only religion that teaches about Heavenly Mother. We can learn from the truths about Her taught by other religions and faith traditions. We invite our friends from other faiths to share with us their views on the Divine Feminine.

25 Jul: A Vision of Heavenly Mother

From Friends of Other Faiths Greetings!! I’m Bob Koenig, of Levittown NY. I’m a lifelong Christian (Protestant), but also a seeker and reader into many things. However, I had a…

01 Mar: Heavenly Mother’s Adoration of Her Creation

Heavenly Mother’s Adoration of Her Creation by Christy Bodily My painting of Heavenly Mother. Not much is said about her. But I believe we can find her in many ways….