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Studying Heavenly Mother’s Traits through Women from the Scriptures: Deborah and Jael

Painting by Kathleen Peterson. Illustration from Girls Who Choose God: Stories of Courageous Women from the Bible.

Deborah prophesied.

Jael fulfilled the prophecy.

With this week’s Come Follow Me lesson covering Judges chapter 4, we have the opportunity to study and then discuss Deborah and Jael in Sunday School and amongst friends and/or family members. We invite you to take this opportunity to use the examples of these two powerful scriptural figures to help people see how women can be authoritative leaders who use their agency in meaningful ways, which in turn can prepare them to understand the importance of Heavenly Mother. Additionally, by studying the exemplary traits these women possess, we can begin to identify traits of our Heavenly Mother, for She as a divine being possesses on a perfect level the outstanding capabilities that Deborah and Jael demonstrate on a mortal level.

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Old Testament Stories: Deborah the Prophetess
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For Adults

Introductory Resources
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In-Depth Approaches to the Study of Deborah And Jael
As you read, look for Deborah and Jael’s strength, character traits, and spiritual authority. Though they are not perfect, we can learn much from them. What do they teach you about Heavenly Mother?
Note: This scriptural story contains violence in multiple forms, from the battlefield to the act of killing Sisera. There are many different ways this violence can be read, as is the case throughout scriptural texts. We urge caution in discussions and study surrounding this issue, with a reminder that scriptural texts have often been used to justify horrendous and unjust atrocities.

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