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02 May: 4 Symbols of the Feminine Divine

1. Trees Trees represent life, wisdom, and the feminine divine. Ancient Israelites worshipped a female goddess, called Asherah, who was the wife or consort of El (God the Father) and…

Olive Trees
31 Dec: Looking Forward to 2021

Throughout 2020 we have experienced a wide spectrum of trials and hardships. Many of us (myself included) may have some anxiety about the coming year and what the coming year…

30 Nov: Seeking Heavenly Mother Gift Guide

Welcome to the Seeking Heavenly Mother Gift Guide! This guide contains ideas for Christmas presents and birthday gifts which may be given to the loved ones in your life, all…

Trail through trees
29 Nov: Reconnecting to Heavenly Mother

Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). When I was first diagnosed, I had a lot of anxiety and depression come along with it. I…

Four pebbles stacked on table outdoors
17 May: Phrases to help you connect with the Mother
Right now is a challenging time for many of us during the current pandemic. Reciting these phrases or mantras can bring some peace during this challenging time with the pandemic and creating your own phrases can help you connect with Heavenly Mother in a personal way.
Thinking of Heavenly Mother for Mother's Day
04 May: Thinking of Heavenly Mother for Mother’s Day
Whatever the relationship you have to your mother here on Earth or to motherhood, you and I have a Heavenly Mother who loves us dearly. That is something we can all rejoice in and celebrate together on Mother’s Day.