Our Mission

Is to help individuals to seek, find, and know our Heavenly Mother.

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we celebrate our belief in Her existence. As we come to know Her, we gain a greater sense of our divine nature and potential.

 “Heavenly Mother is a cherished and distinct doctrine” – ChurchOfJesusChrist.org
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Our purpose is to celebrate Heavenly Mother. We celebrate Heavenly Mother’s wisdom, strength, creativity, and love for us. Our belief in Her connects us to our divine heritage and potential, giving us joy and strength. We focus our celebration by collecting literary and artistic creations that honor Heavenly Mother, as well as through providing resources for learning and teaching about Her. Our goal is to start discussions about Her and encourage individuals to seek spiritual experiences with Her.

Collect Creations

Through literary and artistic creations focused on Heavenly Mother, we follow Her example of creation and expand our theology. These collections of creations help us see Her in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Accumulate resources

We believe that researching Heavenly Mother and teaching others about Her are important. By providing a place where resources are gathered, we establish a community of seekers. Easier access to this information increases the possibilities for growth and positive change.


We believe that discussions about Heavenly Mother can become positive sources of empowerment in our lives. Just as discussions of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have blessed many lives, so can those about our Heavenly Mother.

Encourage Spiritual Experiences

We believe that everyone can connect to our Heavenly Mother and have spiritual experiences with Her. As Her children, we know that She wants to be present in our lives. If we seek Her, we will most surely find Her.


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17 Feb18:52
17 Feb18:52
Feb 2020
Feb 2020
A collection of triangular figures looking towards a larger triangular figure.

Artist Interview with Ben Crowder

Ben Crowder was asked to create a piece showing how Heavenly Mother has helped shape our souls from before earth…