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Our Mission is to help individuals to seek, find, and know our Heavenly Mother.

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we celebrate our belief in Her existence. As we come to know Her, we gain a greater sense of our divine nature and potential.

 “Heavenly Mother is a cherished and distinct doctrine”


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150 years of the Young Women’s Program

I am a beloved daughter of Heavenly Parents, with a divine nature and eternal destiny.

– Young Women’s theme

The Young Women General Presidency has invited everyone to participate in a challenge called “My 150.” This challenge includes doing 150 of an activity that encourages faith and growth.

As a project, we’ve decided to participate by collecting 150 testimonies of Heavenly Mother. 

Read them or share your own testimony of Heavenly Mother below.


My testimony of Heavenly Mother has been steadily growing. However, whenever I worry or doubt I go back to one experience. I felt prompted to pray and ask God if I really have a Heavenly Mother and if She loves me. The answer was a warm “yes!” That ripples through my heart and felt like a hug I have been missing. I know that I have a Heavenly Mother. I know that She loves me, cares about me, and helps me.


While my Theology didn’t initially include a feminine deity, it does now.  I had a vision of a cloaked woman offer me a Chalice. Her aura and presence were of pure love; a scent of heaven. She raised the chalice to my open hands, and told me I was Hers. Yes! I’m now Hers!!!

Fiona McAllister

A few years ago, I “met” Heavenly Mother. I was out for a walk and I prayed to know if she was real. The answer was as though I was witnessing an eclipse. In my spiritual awareness she stepped out from behind Heavenly Father like the moon from behind the sun. I was suddenly aware of both their presences, two celestial beings, where previously there had only been one.  It was as though I was the only person in existence as she shone all her infinite feminine love on me and asked “What do you need my child?” I just cried, because all I needed was to know she is real.

Avalon Hosford

Heavenly Mother had an equal part in creating humanity.  I have features of Her that help me, as an individual, fulfill a higher purpose while in this life.  I have Her attributes that help serve, uplift and love others.  She is an exalted being. She is someone to rely on, through Her Son, Jesus Christ. I am grateful for Her hand in creating this world; the world Her family built.

Kara Jenkins

I know that I have a Heavenly Mother, and that She loves me. I didn’t use to know almost anything about Her. I never spoke of Her. One day, I started reading the church essay about Her. I desired to know more, so I prayed. I was able to receive personal revelation and have now developed a personal relationship with my Mother in Heaven. I have a very strong relationship with my mom on earth, and having a knowledge of Heavenly Mother has brought me comfort and strengthened my testimony of God and the Plan of Salvation. I know that She is just as involved in our lives as Heavenly Father is. I know She loves me, and I love Her.


I truly know that I have a Heavenly Mother who loves me and watches out for me. She is a divine creator, and I am made in Her image. When I sing, study, and think of Her the Spirit witnesses of Her divinity and power. She is an active figure in our lives and watches over us, anxious for us to rejoin Her presence. Heavenly Mother loves her children and guides our paths.

Maren Bingham

Understanding and learning about my Heavenly Mother has helped me find a deeper joy and appreciation for the Plan of Salvation, both the role that She plays and the example she gives me that I can reach one day. The knowledge that I have a Mother in Heaven who works hand in hand with my Father in Heaven, who loves me and knows me has been a blessing and a comfort as I have transitioned into adulthood.

Lindsey Pfeil

I have always known there was a Heavenly Mother. I could feel it whenever I spoke to my Heavenly Father through prayer. I knew she knew me. I knew she was an important part of the plan of salvation. But it wasn’t until recently that I heard the change in the Young Women’s theme that I really acknowledged, fully and truly that she is my Mother in Heaven. “I am a beloved daughter of Heavenly Parents.” I could hardly contain my emotion when I heard this. How I wish that was in my theme when I was a young women. But how grateful I am for a prophet and leaders who received revelation to include that in the theme today. I know my Heavenly Mother is real and filled with a perfect love for me.


As a child I was taught about My Heavenly Mother. I found comfort in that knowledge, and I felt loved by Her.  However, I didn’t have a desire to know more about her. I was told that She was one of many Heavenly Mothers, and I didn’t aspire to ever become one of many.
Years later I was praying to know if my Father in Heaven truly saw his sons and daughters as equals.  In the answers I received, I came to know for myself that there is ONE Heavenly Mother equal to our Heavenly Father.  This changed everything for me.  I want to know Her. I want to a relationship with Her. I want to become like Her.


I believe in Heavenly Mother. I believe She and Heavenly Father represent a perfect partnership of peace between men and women. I come to see more divinity in myself the more I acknowledge Her. I find healing in knowing my body is created in Her image and empowerment in seeing Her as our omnipotent queen. I know She loves all of Her children deeply and fiercely.

Shallee McArthur

For a long time,  I was afraid to seek a testimony of Heavenly Mother, like it was somehow inappropriate. But I needed Her desperately,  and was frustrated that it felt She’d been kept from me. When I did begin seeking Her in earnest, it was as though I turned around to find She’d always been there. She is with me, and with you. She is a Goddess and a Creator. She is joyful and understanding. She is Mother and Woman and full partner-God with the Father, and in finding Her, I am better able to find my place in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Phoebe Pooley

Following the example of countless women’s before me I have yearned to know and seek my Heavenly Mother. It gives me so much comfort knowing that she is there for me and wants to know me. Just like my earthly mother she wants to be my best friend and I can lean on her for support and comfort. As I grow into my eternal roll as a woman and mother I find myself seeking her example and knowledge more and more. My heart aches to know more about her and her roll in the creation of this world and my life. However, I know that as I continue to seek her my knowledge and testimony of her will grow precept upon precept. I am so grateful for the knowledge of her as an equal Heavenly Parent in my life and strive to be more and more like her in my everyday life.



Heavenly Mother is why I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I grew up Unitarian Universalist so equality and feminism mattered greatly to me. When I began to seek to know God, I knew God had to be male and female. In studying various Christian denominations, including the Christian concept of the divine feminine, I fell in love with the church because in Mormon theology Heavenly Mother is a separate being who rules and reigns as an equal partner in the heavens (or could be conceived of in that way, if we collectively as a people let the scales of sexism and misogyny fall from our eyes). I know that Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father together make up  who we think God is. They hear all our prayers and know us and love us personally and perfectly.

Charlotte Shurtz

I believe in Heavenly Mother. I believe that She is, and that She created all things, both in heaven and in earth.  I believe that She has all wisdom and all power, both in heaven and in earth. I believe that She invites all to come unto Her and partake of Her Goodness and Wisdom and Love.  I believe that all are alike unto Her, and She does not reject any that come unto Her, black and brown and white, imprisoned and free, female and male and non-binary. I believe that She is no respecter of persons, but that every person that loves and seeks Her is welcomed by Her.


It just makes so much sense. Of course we have a Heavenly Mother! She is kind, patient, loving, beautiful, understanding, forgiving, and perfect. She watches over us. She loves us more than we can even imagine. She is cheering for us. I imagine She is a wonderful listener, always validating & always loving. It brings me so much comfort & peace to know She is there. She knows how I feel. She want me to be happy. I love her. She is my Mother, Friend, Example, and Hero.

Ashley LeBaron

A few years ago I went through a very difficult and painful experience. One night it felt like too much to bear, and I cried out in prayer, “I need my Mom.” I have always had strong relationships with my Heavenly Father and my Savior, but in that moment I needed my Heavenly Mother. And for the first time in my life, I recognized Her unique presence. Since that night, my understanding of and relationship with Her have grown, and as a result, so has my understanding of my own divine nature and potential.

Julene Foster Healey

My testimony of my Heavenly Mother comes from being a mother myself.  I have often thought of all the many hats we mothers have to wear each day, and not every day is the same.  I know the trials I have faced in my own motherhood, cannot even be matched with our Heavenly Mother’s trials.  I can imagine her looking down on all of us with the most pure thoughts and wishes for our success, and how she must go back into the Heavens when she sees the terrible, awful things that her children do here on this earth.  My love for my earthly mother is strong, and I love my Heavenly Mother too. She is divine, she is cherished into Eternity, and I for one cannot wait to run into her arms and hear her say, well done my daughter, I love you!

Leah Steelman

Dear sister –
You are made in the image of our omnipotent and and supreme Heavenly Mother, whose spirit and qualities dwell in you.
Love, Leah

Mandi McBride

Many years ago I discovered the vibrational energy of the earth. It was different when I walked out my front door and stood in the grove of trees down the street. I felt things, heard things. I WAS something different. I was HER. When I meditate, I send my sacral grounding cord into the the earth wrapping that cord around the core, and feel her soaring up through the layers of terra and into my being. She joins forces with Father inside of me to create a blinding light of  YES THIS IS RIGHT. She is in every moment of motherhood, feminine power, grace. She is magnificence. And I am hers.


I know my Heavenly Mother loves me deeply and personally. I know that she is connected to me in a way that is so complete. When I think of the deep love I have for my children I start to understand her deep love for me. She is with me always, and she loves me no matter what, forever.

Emilee Crowder

she is always present. she has laugh lines & worry lines, because she laughs at my fun & jokes & worries about my pains & aches. she understands much, when i am stretched out or worn thin. when i just want to cry & be understood without speaking, she understands when i do not speak. she knows what it feels like to be a girl, a woman, a female. she too has felt inadequate, not good enough, not comfortable in her own body. she too knows what it’s like to think nobody cares, to hate parts of yourself.  she always cares. she loves all parts of me. she is my mother.

McKenna Park

Though our knowledge of Heavenly Mother is limited at this point in time, the things I am able to learn about Her fill me with so much joy. The knowledge that I was made in Her image, that She cares for me as her daughter and watches over me, has strengthened my self worth and my testimony in so many ways. Faith in a divine female is absent in many religions, and I feel humbled and immensely grateful to belong to a faith that allows me to know about Her presence in my life and feel Her love. I can’t wait to be with Her again someday.

Emily Cameron

I was unbelievably blessed with an incredible mother who gave birth to me. And each day seeing her I am lead to Her- the Mother who carries me and delivers me. Heavenly Mother lives. She loves us with the fierce yet gentle love that only a mother can have. She is in every phase and step of our lives. She gave Her Begotten Son to sacrifice Himself so that we can return to Her and most importantly, become like Her. She lives and oh how She loves.

Lina Wong

I know that I am a daughter of my Heavenly Mother. I know that I was created in Her image. I know that She watches over me and all of Her children. I know that She will not leave me comfortless. I know my worth because I know Her.  I know my purpose because I know Her. And I know that Heavenly Mother loves me.


I sought her when I realized I could.
I found her first in a place no one else could be.
I know her by effort, line upon line.

Kate Jefferies

When I was very little, as early as I can remember, possibly two or three years old I remember feeling something special from certain women- primary teachers, neighbors, women in my church and community, my mom. The feeling I felt, and sought out was such a rare combination of tender but fierce, all encompassing love. As I grew older it was harder to find. . . Women who show that kind of love become fewer and farther between, but found in amazing and wonderful places. A couple of years ago I had a very dear friend- an older women who always loved and served and saw the best in everyone, and she passed away. I think it was after her passing that I realized two very important lessons: first, why was I seeking out these women who have the special combination of fierce but tender love? . . They remind me of my Heavenly Mother. I have been always seeking out women like this, my whole life because I long to remember what her love was like, and to be a part of it. The second thing I realized is, it is now time for me to BECOME one of these women instead of just seeking it for myself. I must find the people out there who are longing and searching to feel the kind of love their spirits remember from the pre -existence. It’s time to become like Heavenly Mother.

Haley Erickson

I know that like me, Heavenly Mother was once a girl who experienced much trial, but became perfected through them, to become the beautiful Goddess that She is. I know that when I pray to Heavenly Father, that Heavenly Mother is silently listening, longing to bless me with all that she can. I know that She watches over all Her children and loves us all so deeply that we can not comprehend it. Heavenly Mother is the perfect example to me of all that I want to become, and know that I can become like her by making temple covenants and following the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Kate Homer

When I first started my journey on getting closer with my Heavenly Mother, I asked her a question. Did she know me? I went about my life the next day but I just randomly decided to pull out a few memory boxes out from under my bed. They were filled with notes and letters from family, friends, young women leaders. They all said things that they loved about me and how much they appreciated my existence. I had never felt more seen. I knew then that it was Heavenly Mother’s words reflected in theirs, she was telling me that she knew me. Her hand is in my life more than I know and I know that she knows me and loves me.


I believe I have a Heavenly Mother who cares deeply about what I feel is important, what I want my life to become, and the things that make my heart weep. She is gentle, kind, and has a softness and validation- especially to feminine struggles in motherhood- that brings a stillness to my often uneasy heart. She is wise and powerful, a beacon of truth and beauty. I know She knows me and I know She loves me. I am grateful for Her!

Sadie Hanna

I am just barely beginning to develop my relationship with Heavenly Mother. I prayed to know if She is there and just as present in my life as Heavenly Father and felt the most profound feeling of love and gentle care. I know She is there and just as involved in my life as my Father.

Natalie E

I was given a blessing during a hard time of life and the person giving the blessing said “your dad and mom love you, and so does your Heavenly Father.” Then he paused for a long time…during this pause I strongly felt the presence of Heavenly Mother enter the room, my heart, and my mind. I felt Her love, but also her strength and power…I heard Her say She loves me too and felt her hug me. Then the blessing continued and I still felt Her there adding to the power with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know Heavenly Mother is there…She is powerful and loving and is very aware of us. I believe She is active in helping us alongside of Heavenly Father.

Emily Kay Taylor

Growing up I was always told that when I became a mother, I would finally understand the love that my Heavenly Father has for me. While I do feel that has been true, what I have understood even more is the love my Heavenly Mother has for me as I have served, protected, and loved my new little boy. She has filled my heart, especially in all my moments of mothering.

Claire Michelle

My Mother is there when I weep. I believe in Her fierce love for her children and I have felt this personal love for me. As I have tried to learn more about my Heavenly Mother, I have learned more about what I want to become and what she expects of me. I am Her daughter and I believe in Her goodness, mercy, and overwhelming presence.


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