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Welcome to Seeking Heavenly Mother

Welcome to Seeking Heavenly Mother! No matter where you are on your spiritual path, seeking Heavenly Mother can be a transformative experience. Heavenly Mother is a “divine, immortal, omnipotent” Parent who loves Her children unconditionally. We believe that seeking Heavenly Mother is a powerful way to feel God’s love and draw closer to the divine.

On this website, you will find a variety of resources that will help you connect and develop a relationship with Heavenly Mother. You will also find a community of seekers—people who are reaching out to know Her and feel Her presence. We invite you to add your voice and join with us in this journey. If you are inspired to create something, whether it is art, music, poetry, or an essay, that reflects your developing relationship with Heavenly Mother, please submit it here.


At Seeking Heavenly Mother, we have a wide variety of resources to help you on your journey to Heavenly Mother, from official Church sources to scholarly essays and books of poetry about Her. This website offers answers to common questions, shareable graphics, information about additional resources, and more. The resource section also includes tools to help teach children and a guide to podcast episodes that discuss Heavenly Mother. These resources can help you seek Heavenly Mother no matter where you are on the path. 


The Seeking Heavenly Mother gallery contains collections of art, music, poetry, essays, and books. These published submissions were created by people like you—individuals seeking a connection to Heavenly Mother. Their inspiring creations can help you feel Heavenly Mother’s love. Creativity is a wonderful tool to grow a relationship with Heavenly Mother—either through expressing your own talents or through appreciating the works of others. No matter how you connect to Heavenly Mother, you can find a community here.

Faith Journeys & Testimonies

Seeing how other people relate to Heavenly Mother can help you in your own journey by providing a sense of inspiration and community. The Faith Journeys section contains stories about others’ journeys and experiences with Heavenly Mother. This section can assist you on your own journey to Heavenly Mother and help you to see that you are not searching alone.

Find Yourself Here

It is important to see ourselves and our experiences reflected in art and media. The Find Yourself Here Guide offers several options for sorting our galleries by various identities to help you find a place you feel at home. You can also find a collection of LGBTQ affirming resources by clicking on the LGBTQIA section.


The Seeking Heavenly Mother blog covers a variety of topics related to Heavenly Mother. From interviews to book reviews, the Seeking Heavenly Mother Blog is aimed at inspiring you in your journey to seek Her.