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3 Mother-God Creation Books for Young Kids

Parent reading book to young child

Mama God, Papa God

Written by Richardo Keens-Douglas, illustrated by Stefan Czernecki

In this vibrantly illustrated retelling of a Caribbean creation tale, Mama God and Papa God create the world together. To show His love for Mama God, Papa God creates an earth that is beautiful just like Her. Then together they fill the world with wonderful things. Finally, Mama God and Papa God create man and woman of “love, pure love.”

The vibrant, stylized illustrations portray Mama God and Papa God as people of color. This book teaches that everyone—no matter their color, size, language, or other differences—is a beautiful masterpiece.

Although the creation story has been told many times, the beautiful illustrations paired with text that describe Mama God and Papa God’s conversations and love for each other transform this book into a meaningful story that both kids and parents will enjoy reading. 

Publisher: Tradewind Books (April 1, 2016) ISBN-13: 978-1896580166


Mr. and Mrs. God in the Creation Kitchen

Written by Nancy Wood, illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering

In Mr. and Mrs. God in the Creation Kitchen, Nancy Wood creatively imagines Mr. and Mrs. God working in a kitchen-laboratory. The sun, earth, each enormous, ugly dinosaur-monster, and other animals are cooked on a heavenly stove or baked to perfection in a heavenly oven. Timothy Ering’s whimsical sketches show Mr. and Mrs. God’s enormous kitchen implements, jars of eyeballs, and boxes of bones—the perfect place to experiment. As the book progresses, Mr. and Mrs. God admirably learn from their mistakes as they go through the creation cooking process.

Despite the fantastic illustrations and unique concept of a creation kitchen-laboratory, I felt the text missed the mark in one spot. Like any couple, Mr. and Mrs. God have disagreements about how to fill the earth with creatures. But instead of talking through Their disagreements in a healthy way, Mrs. God gives Mr. God the silent treatment for a thousand years. Although this might be seen as a funny moment, I would hope Mr. and Mrs. God are better at communicating and settling disagreements than simply not speaking for a thousand years. That said, I did enjoy the book as a whole.

If you do choose to read this book with your children, I’d suggest pairing it with a conversation about working through disagreements and learning from past mistakes. 

Publisher: Candlewick; 1st edition (March 14, 2006) ISBN-13: 978-0763612580


Big Momma Makes the World

Written by Phyllis Root, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

While caring for a little baby on her hip, Big Momma makes the world. This retelling of the creation myth incorporates both the seven days of the Genesis creation story and the Big Bang to make a “real good” world.

Big Momma doesn’t mess around. When she orders something, it happens. “‘Light,’ said Big Momma. And you’d better believe there was light.”

One of Big Mama’s talents is balancing the different parts of Her life as a mother and creator. She cares for the baby, makes cookies, and does laundry, all while keeping an eye on the people of the world She created.

Big Mama’s down-to-earth language and the repetitive rhythms of the text make this Boston Globe Horn Book Award Winner book a delight to read.

Publisher: Candlewick; 1st edition (November 11, 2002) ISBN-13: 978-0763611323

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