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They are with ME now

Heavenly Mother by Michelle Gessell, Instagram: @drawingnearertothee

I have only had one spiritual experience with Heavenly Mother. I hesitated about whether I should share it in such a public sphere. However, I also feel that if we respectfully talk about spiritual experiences with Her that it can shine a light for future experiences for everyone.

My one solo spiritual experience was very recent. For a person who has spent so much time researching and writing of Her, perhaps you think this would have been richer. I think I was looking to learn about Her, rather than thinking of Her and interacting with Her. But, then, frankly, I turned to my Heavenly Mother kind of the same way I turn to my earthly mother— in desperation.

I had read a news article about a father and young daughter who had drowned trying to get into America. By all accounts, he was a loving and attentive father. When they were found, the little girl’s arm was wrapped around her papa’s neck and she was still tucked into his shirt. I am crying as I write this.

I was taking a shower after I read this account and was just wrecked. I was imagining that this father had dreamt of a better life for his daughter, had risked all and had LOST. I just couldn’t bear it. (Still can’t.) I was sobbing. I was not praying but I was moaning. How can this happen? How can we be so callous to other children of God? To their desperation? And then I said aloud, “I am a mother and it is my job to look out for my children. How can You as a Mother stand this? Doesn’t this just shred you?” From my human perspective, it seemed all was lost.

But, in that moment, a soft but firm voice filled my head. “They are with ME.”

They are now with their Mother in Heaven. And, while this did notlessen my overall anger and tension about the situation, it did ease my heart for this specific family. They are okay. They are with Her.

I think this experience underscores the importance of seeking our Heavenly Mother. There are some moments in life where we all need our mothers… both earthly and heavenly. And that need in no way denigrates our fathers, either earthly or heavenly.

“They are with ME” gave me peace, and hope. As spiritual experiences can do, it was a balm. Seeking our Heavenly Mother can add more to our life… and take nothing away.

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