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by Allen TenBusschen

Creations by Allen TenBusschen

This piece means a great deal to me. I want to explain some of the imagery for you. I choose a very specific color palette for this piece, all referencing the primary colors of creation in color. Including black and white which are used to achieve every hue, value, temperature and saturation.

This is a symbol of not only the limitless bounds of color and light, but a reminder of the unifying love our Heavenly Mother has for us. She does not discriminate in the gift of love.

The tick mark rings indicate time and more directly the concept of gestation, the passage of time during the creation of life. This piece had a lot to do with my own mother, but also during the time between the first painting and this one, my wife and I have welcomed a child into this world, and being a part (a small part) of that process was life changing. My son is a reminder of the passage of time, and a constant symbol of my own mortality, as I am sure I was for my mother.

The spheres represent the planets and the eternal, again a reminder of our life, we are spiritual beings on a mortal journey, not the other way around. Eternity should be near us at all times, as a reminder of how we should act and perceive the world around us. Eternity should influence our decisions and help remind us of the bigger, or longer picture. This life is a small way station on our journey and we need to be clear on what our focus should be on.

I included some variations in the blue, a reminder of the chaos of space and the ethereal qualities of it.  The blue was a very obvious choice to represent  art history and its rich traditions of color symbolism with the Virgin Mary.

This piece is intended as a companion piece to “Celestial Bodies” They represent two different parts of the whole conversation about our Heavenly Mother.

¬†“Celestial Bodies” is featured in A Girl’s Guide to Heavenly Mother. This painting, “Creations,” will be featured in A Boy’s Guide to Heavenly Mother, which is currently available for pre-order through D-Street Press.