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A Vision of Heavenly Mother

From Friends of Other Faiths

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I’m Bob Koenig, of Levittown NY.

I’m a lifelong Christian (Protestant), but also a seeker and reader into many things.

However, I had a dream/vision of A Heavenly Mother coming to me, and this changed me.

Here was my vision:

I went to bed. I was in a mid state…not asleep, yet not fully awake.

I was suddenly in a room/area that was slanted. These cloaked individuals pushed me into the point of the room that was the highest, so they had to look up at me.

they parted in the middle (there was six or eight of them. I don’t know the sex/gender as they were cloaked) and a feminine figure walked between them.

She was cloaked, but I could see her nose and lips. some hair curled out of the hood.  She carried a chalice. 

 (She looked like Roerich’s painting of “Mother of the world”)

She approached me, Her lips drew a slight smile.

She reached out her arms, wanting me to take the chalice.

As I reached for it, I felt Her glowing aura. It was so beautiful! I felt nothing but pure love!

It was so unearthly. I felt like nothing else mattered but to be in Her presence. I didn’t want to ever leave. How do you explain absolute bliss? Connection to pure love. I felt this!!

I wish now i could remember all of how that felt. It was the best feeling ever!

As I accepted the Chalice, She told me I was Hers!!!

As she stepped away I felt myself coming back to earth.

The following night i felt Her presence in the room, as if letting me know She was watching over me.

OK, She never said a name, or who she was. I just assumed it was Mary. 

But then I started looking into other things. I read some of the Book of Mormon, and some of the inner thoughts going on.

She’s here! Heavenly Mother is real!! 

Oh, if only the Mormon Church practiced the faith in Her. She accepted me as Hers, I want to prove I am HERS!!

by Robert F. Koenig