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Our Mother in Heaven

by Lindsay Haslam Perez

“We just don’t know that much about her.”

I remember sitting in a religion class at Brigham Young University with my husband. Although I’m not a student at BYU, spouses were encouraged to attend the class together. We had just spent most of the hour listing off Heavenly Father’s attributes. We talked about how Heavenly Father has a body of flesh and bones, that He is loving, forgiving, patient, etc.

After reviewing the basic characteristics and attributes of God, the professor ended the lesson with a brief comment on Heavenly Mother. He concluded by saying, “My heart breaks for women of the Church who desire to know their Heavenly Mother… We just don’t know that much about her.”

I hope this professor didn’t see the confused look on my face. The professor was right, we have little information on Heavenly Mother. However, it seemed odd to me that the entire class time was spent talking about God and His godly attributes―without considering that Heavenly Mother would also possess those same godly attributes. 

One concept we must remember is that Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother are exalted beings. When an individual is celestial and exalted, that means that she/he must be perfect in all things. A celestial being does not wrestle with the natural man, pride, addictions, or sins of any kind. Heavenly Father is a celestial being who is perfect in all things; therefore, so is She.

To illustrate my point, I would like to refer to the first chapter of the Gospel Principles manual found on The chapter is titled, “Our Father in Heaven.”

Our Mother in Heaven has a perfect body of flesh and bones.

Gospel Principles says, “Because we are made in His image (see Moses 2:26; 6:9), we know that our bodies are like His body. His eternal spirit is housed in a tangible body of flesh and bones (see D&C 130:22). God’s body, however, is perfected and glorified, with a glory beyond all description.”

Heavenly Mother also has a tangible body of flesh and bones. Her body is also perfect and glorified, with a glory beyond all description. I’m sure She radiates with the same light that Joseph Smith described in the First Vision. That very thought is extremely captivating and leaves a warm feeling in my heart.

Our loving Heavenly Mother.

The Gospel Principles manual continues, “God is perfect. He is a God of righteousness, with attributes such as love, mercy, charity, truth, power, faith, knowledge, and judgment. He has all power. He knows all things. He is full of goodness.”

Heavenly Mother is also all of those things. I’m going to quote this section again, but I will insert Heavenly Mother within the text. Pay close attention to the way you feel while reading it.

“[Heavenly Mother] is perfect. [She] is a [Goddess] of righteousness, with attributes such as love, mercy, charity, truth, power, faith, knowledge, and judgment. [She] has all power. [She] knows all things. [She] is full of goodness.”

There is something special about knowing that Heavenly Mother possesses the same attributes that Heavenly Father does. When I reread the passage with Heavenly Mother as its focus, I feel enriched and warm at the thought; as if I’m hearing it for the first time. Although this is knowledge that anyone could acquire on their own, it is information that we don’t often consider. It isn’t news or a surprise that Heavenly Mother would be perfect in body and character. However, too often we dismiss the topic with “We just don’t know that much about her.” She is the female God and Motherly example that everyone deserves to have. When we understand what is means to be an exalted, celestial being, we can understand the type of Heavenly Parent that She is. 

Retreating back to the story of the BYU religion class, I understand that Heavenly Mother is a new topic for some. However, as the students were listing off Heavenly Father’s attributes, we could have responded with “and so does/is She.”

If Heavenly Father is, then so is She.

What we do know about our Mother in Heaven:

Heavenly Mother has a perfect, tangible body of flesh and bones. 

Heavenly Mother is a goddess of righteousness. 

Heavenly Mother is loving.

Heavenly Mother is perfect in faith, knowledge, and judgment.

Heavenly Mother has all power.

Heavenly Mother is all-knowing. 

Heavenly Mother is full of goodness.

The scriptures are, in fact, limited in the exposure of our Heavenly Mother. However, we know more about Heavenly Mother than we think we do. To continually pass her as a complete mystery is a mistake we can’t keep making.

by Lindsay Haslam Perez