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Their Priesthood

The snow on the ground appears blue-gray in the low light coming from the right side of the photo. A frozen bubble sitting on top of the snow fills most the the right side of the image. The light gives the bubble a warm, almost orange tint..

We learn in D&C that the mysteries of God can be revealed to us, but I feel like when there are mysteries we seek that aren’t sought out by the mainstream, the immediate reaction by the general church population is to treat it as obscure, radical, and sometimes taboo. I was always fed myths by well-intentioned people who felt this way about Her, and consequently made me feel that way about my Mother in Heaven. Those nearly apologetic things I was told included “she is just too sacred to talk about,” “we don’t know much about her because Heavenly Father respects Her too much to have Her tarnished by the world,” etc. As a young woman I had an amazing Sunday school lesson where my teacher taught us that together our Heavenly Parents are the priesthood.

He explained that it is Their priesthood, and without each other, this godly power wouldn’t work. God the Father is incomplete without God the Mother, so is the priesthood only completed by the Divine Feminine. I remember feeling so strongly that this was (and still is) true, and thus my yearning for Her begin. I brought up this new knowledge in young women’s and was immediately shut down by the teacher that day. I’m so saddened by that experience because it closed me off from trying to learn about Her – I felt like I had to just accept that “She is too sacred to talk about” and every other non-doctrinal excuse i had been fed. The thing about the Holy Ghost is He’ll tell you when something isn’t right, and that notion never felt right to me.

When I got older and realized that those things I was taught were false I was so overjoyed. My testimony has grown in every aspect as my knowledge of Her has grown. I find Her in the gospel everywhere, and I’m so excited for the day when I can return to my Mother’s arms and build on the relationship I had with Her before this life, and the relationship I am beginning with Her now. 💛

by Moana Larsen