Where She Is

Blonde-haired woman holding toddler in front of tree with white blossomsI fell to my knees about a month ago, and out loud I asked the questions: “Where is she? How can I find her?”

The answer didn’t come instantly.

Instead it came each day.

It came in the moments of motherly fatigue- and warm heavenly arms wrapping around my tired body on the closet floor.

It came through peaceful reassurance as I rubbed my toddlers cramping feet in the middle of the night.

It came as I grieved heartbreaking news, but clearly heard a voice say, “I’ve got you.”

It came through knowledge and enlightenment in big things and in everyday problems solved.

It came through bravery, fearlessness, strength, power. Facing mountains with shaking hands and swirling thoughts that felt weak to climb.

It came as I studied “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” a document about fathers and mothers- and the role of a mother to nurture and guide her children.

I understood that earthly principles exist in Heaven. And what I am doing here, SHE is doing there.

She’s the nurturing hand, she’s the guiding thought.

She’s the smell of mountain air and spring blossoms blooming. She’s the warmth of sunshine on my cheeks after a long winter.

She’s everywhere.

She’s calling you and me. To rise up. To access her power. To feel her love. To give that love to others.

And she’s only waiting for us to look.

“Seek and ye shall find.”

Where is she in your life?

Seek her. Find her. I promise she is there.

by Maren Droubay