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An Early Awakening

by Missy Johnston

While riding on winged dreams,

Light silently consumes the darkness.

My senses stir, and I awake to a quiet void.

Empty spaces that once were filled.

My warm body draped in cold sheets.


Still hungry for rest,

I lurch my weight forward.

My flesh stumbling, mind in a daze,

I cross the threshold, my toes navigating across chilled tile.

A lone traveler’s footsteps echoing down a hall.


Shadows and sleep threaten,

But my memory tells me how to find Her.

I listen for Her steady breath. I smell for Her scent.

I feel for Her spacious cocoon, and finally, I find Her.


In the bed of my creation and birth,

I am gathered up, tucked in, and surrounded by Her touch.

We are two forms curving towards each other,

One big, one small. Separate, but nearly one again.


Reality dissipates as I exhale.

With my body soft, breath steady, and heart warm,

I eagerly relinquish consciousness,

Only to find my dreams have ceased their searching.

I’m left with only rest.