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Daughters of The Mother

The mother to to her mother
At the tender age of 6
She raised both her mothers daughters
But she found another mother.
Yes, this one will definitely do.
The new mother took her in
So she could be a daughter, too.

The mother to anyone
Who needed one.
She carried her mantle
With grace and pride
A professional mother, if you will.

The daughter to her mother
But as the year went on
Her mother’s mind turned back to child
And she became the mom.
Until that mother was gone,
Then she had no mother to be the daughter
Nor mother to.

The daughter growing a daughter
Living with her Mother
Who desperately needed Her own mother
But Her mother had to go.
So the daughter growing a daughter
Became her Mother’s mother
she picked Her clothes
And combed Her hair with her fingers.
Until her Mother was ready
To be a Mother again.

That’s the thing about women
Mothers can become the daughters
And daughters can become the mothers.
And when we all choose to love like
The Mother
Then nobody will ever be without.


by Allison Purkey

Older woman putting her hand on young woman's hand and looking at her with kindness.