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evolvedevotional, or; the spirit of neil shubin compelled me

we are farandolae
in the form and figure
of Godlyverse

the human family is a human body
is a body of Christ is a body of
bread and spirit of water, borne out
on the tides and shores and ebbs and flows
of the body of our MotherFatherGod. and
el’s spirit breathes in us

life, and life
crawls out the sea and
lurches wet from saltwater wombs

it’s eggs and chickens and
eggs and mammals in all the ways
(downwards, upwards, onwards);
still fish / fishers / fished,
and still sea of Galilee,
(be still)
somehow, within:

we feast and feed
on water and air and light

it’s “survival of the
merely adequate”
but we get by, get better, know better,
we feel better, we do better, we are better

somatic semantics:

we become
and we are

and we are beings
being evolved

endless forms
most beautiful

and They saw that it (was, is, will be) good.

by Aisling “Ash” Rowan

Aerial view of person walking on sand away from sea