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For My Divine Mother

by Kim Layton

The bonding gaze
‘tween babe and mom.
“She loves me
and so I’m ok.”

Securely anchored
to face the world.
“I’m ok
because she loves me.”

Years pass.
That child grows,
becoming a mother
of her own.

Needing a Divine Mother
of her own,
to fill the gaps.

And like that babe
from years ago
she gazes up.

“Mother are you there?”

I’ve looked for you
between the lines
of history
written by men.

About men
with only whispers
of the story’s
other half.

So many women
whose lives matter,
remain untold.
Like Yours.

“Mother do you care
to see your children here below?
We feel motherless.”

“We need you
Please show your face
to us.”

If babes without
a mother’s bond
hold veiled hurt
for life,

How much hurt
have human hearts
Without knowing

A Mother’s love
that fills the gaps.
That tenderly reaches
across time and space.

Mother, I believe
you are
All powerful, All knowing,
All loving and Divine.

You are Creator
and Comforter.
You are strong, wise
and good.

“Mother, I ask
to see you more fully
so that I might more fully
see myself.”

Mother and child in doorway
by Madison Bergevin