Made in Her Image

by Analeia George

She sat with me
Let the tears
Roll down my face

When I felt raw
And completely done
She told me this was just the start

She taught me
The power of raw material
She taught me to create
When all I could do was ruminate

She placed my hands
upon the clay
And taught me
how to shape my way

She showed me how
To mold it into something
That could hold
My pain
My joy
My Hopes
My dreams

She whispered sweetly in my ear
“It is okay if it is soft
And malleable
Despite the dimples and curves
Your cup still runneth over”

She was never one
to whisk away my sorrows
Instead she helped me
Whisk them into something beautiful

When my eyes were cast down
Trying to weigh my worth
By the amount of force gravity had me
Tied to this earth
She told me to look up
To number instead the stars
To understand my light
For to her I was too bright
To shrink myself that way

She held me in her arms that night
When I needed her to stay
And when I wanted to fade away
And she asked me to stay

My story is not over
Because I am mothered by a Queen
My royalty lies in experiencing
In living through this pain

For I was made in her image
Destined to rule the stars
To nurture all the things that live
To bring the downtrodden back to life

hands shaping clay on wheel as young girl watches