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Matriarchal Blessing

When I was young
I prepared
In fervent prayer
And consideration
For what I’d like To hear
In Heavenly Father’s invocation

I knelt
I pled

For guidance in my life

I felt
I read

The patriarch’s answer in His stead

He blessed me with future love
And declared my patience
Assured I’m loved up above
And was so gracious

Now I’m a woman
Grateful for my Father
And plead again
For what my Mother has to Offer

Again In fervent prayer
And consideration
I’d like to hear
Heavenly Mother’s invocation

Now I know,
Heavenly Father Told me,
I’m loved by Her.

Now I know
He’s given me patience
For seeking my Mother.

A tool, He knew,
I would need

To continue to grow
And to seek.

by Ashley Workman

Girl with orange flowers in her hair looking at camera