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by Julene Foster Healey

Mother, I am thankful for your love, your guidance and for the blessings you send me from above.
Mother, my gratitude is full, my heart has opened with happiness, because your love has filled my soul.
Mother, your love is in the tear that falls and the pounding of my heart. It’s in the twinkle of the stars above and upon the grass and ground on which I stand.
Mother, your love is in the laughter of a child, in the sparkle in their eyes and in everything they do, from the moment they arrive.
Mother, your love is in every tender hug, in every mushy kiss, its on the face of every little one as they look to you for trust.
Mother, I feel your hand in mine, as I tread the steps of time. From the sun’s early morning rays, every step in every day, to the late hours of the night when everyone is tucked in tight.  You are beside me all the way.
Mother, you are always near to me, when my fears are clear to see.  When darkness holds on tight, your love helps me to fight for right.  When my head is hanging down, my heart breaking all around and burdens to heavy to carry all alone, your light still through me flows, your love for me always glows.
Mother, you always stay close by my heart, as you watch my family start. You help as my children grow, teaching them which way to go. In choosing right from wrong to make, each of them faithful, true and strong. But when they choose to close their mind, to the truths they leave behind. Your heart with mine does truly break, when on the evil path they take. The path that leads them far away, from falling on their knees to pray. As they walk the path of sin, stumbling, falling never to win. You and I our hearts entwined, praying for the truth to find.
Mother, I know how your heart must hurt and break, as all your children must willingly take, the paths that they will choose, to walk on rocks or cobblestone. I know with Father by your side, you both will pray as they decide, the path that leads them home to love, a cherished life with those above.

Child holding a parent's hand