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My Dearest Mother

by Julene Foster Healey

My Dearest Mother, you are my beginning and my end,
You help my heart and soul to blend.
You are in the earth and in the sky,
You’ve been with me through my birth, in my life and when I’ll die.
My Dearest Mother, you are why this challenge I gladly take,
You are the reason that I wake.
You are the why I kneel to pray
You guide my life in every way.
My Dearest Mother, you are in my head and in my feet,
You give me words when I cannot speak.
You are in my hands and in my arms,
You give me courage and keep me from harm.
My Dearest Mother, you are the seed inside the earth,
You are the light that brings its birth.
You are in the sun and in the rain,

You breathe the life and heal the pain.
My Dearest Mother, you are the light when it gets dark,
You heal our hearts when there’s no spark.
You send Angels when we are sad,
You bring us happiness when life gets bad.
My Dearest Mother, you are the stars up in the night sky,
You bring me answers when I ask why.
You’ve blessed me with a family to love,
You are my light that shines above.
My Dearest Mother, I thank you from my heart,
For the love, your spirit, you’ve shared a part.
For always holding onto my hand,
For being there as my earthly life was planned.
For being my mother, for showing me the way,
That I can return to live with you someday.
Your love it pulls me home,
Your faith and trust will never leave me alone.
My Dearest Mother, you’re in my heart forever to be,
To finally bring me home to live with thee.

Blue, yellow, and pink sunrise with flying birds