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My Mother Up There Sonnet

by Sydney Alexander

I’ve heard the words “is there a Mother there”

A Mother in heaven, dwelling above?

I know I have God, answering each prayer

Love and comfort- but still, is my Mother there?

Does she listen when I pray of heartbreak,

Of boys and drama and other girl things?

There’s a mother-sized hole left, how it aches,

For a hug only a mother can bring.

Did she cry when we left her, down to earth

Does she think of me, am I good enough?

Was I born to her first, not just this birth

More gentle, kind than here, she’d ne’er be rough.

Do I really have a mother up there?

Am I just wishing on nothing but air.

Oh, Heavenly Mother to you I write,

Please listen in when I call up to you,

As I pray with my heart out each dark night.

Heav’nly Father, is She real, is it true?