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No. 243 Heart of Thunder

by AshLee Lindsay

Heavenly Mother
You exist in me,
We are thread through eternity,
My essence mirrors oceans,
Your encompassing embrace,
My heart was given thunder,
The universe contained,
Created in your likeness,
Molded in your love,
Crowned with potential glory,
To reign with you above,
You folded in my talent,
Purpose to unfurl,
Your voice it beats my steady,
Reminding what is real…
“Remember we have made you,
Remember our golden thread,
For you were stitched with beauty,
With purpose and were fed-
Manna from the heavens,
Knowledge without bounds,
You are meant for kingdoms,
You are meant for crowns.”

Glass ball reflecting world around it

Our purpose was folded into our being and She and He gave us the gift of remembrance.  Truth echoes, it reverberates throughout the universe and we were made with the capacity to feel it- to me it feels as a spark -sparks that ignite in our heart and remind us of home, provide us direction and when we add action and our submission, beauty is the result.