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She Helps Me Discover the Light

by T.

This is actually based off an an experience I had in therapy. I originally wrote it as me responding to myself (inner-child). But once I finished, I realized it also was a perfect description for my journey with Heavenly Mother. It’s special to me that “she” can represent both Heavenly Mother and myself.

It was dark

I was cold and alone

So alone


I folded myself small

I curled up in a ball and clung to myself

So small


Then I felt a hand on my shoulder

A hand in my hand

Her hand on my heart


“I’m here for you,” she said

“When nobody else is,

I am.”


“We’ll get through it together,” she said

“You and me, we’re one

And we can love each other like no one else can”


She wore hazel-green eyes and light brown hair

Her lips were shaded red

She smiled at me and I knew her as myself


With her hand in my hand, I felt warmth on my cheek

From the corner of my eye, I saw dark skies part to give way to the light

And with resolve and certainty, I opened up my eyes and my heart and turned–to the light


Without hesitation, it filled me up to bursting

It wrapped me up, clothed me completely, radiated from me

I raised my arms and threw my head back, inviting in power


I become a beacon, aglow with pure Light

I breathe in power, I blaze with serenity

My soul is protected, afire with pure Energy


Here I stay


You are welcome to my sun if you can withstand it

It is vulnerable; it is wide open hearts and bare naked fears

it is connection like you’ve never known it before


Come to us, if you dare