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The Sacrament

In the temple of Solomon,
Before the purge,
Heavenly Mother was worshipped as the Queen of Heaven.
They baked bread and put it on Her table as an offering to Her.
We don’t do this today.
Instead we are the ones receiving the sacrament bread as our offering from the Gods.
We take this bread,
the bread of life,
the representation of the body of Christ,
and we take this water,
the living waters,
the representation of his blood,
and put it into our bodies as our offering.
Creating space for him.
Housing him.
Making our bodies a temple.
The way our Mother did as She made room for Christ in Her womb.
The original temple.
Nourishing him with Her body.
With Her blood.
Before offering him to the earth.
His third home.
His third temple.
Through Mary,
his second.
So that he could sacrifice his body and his blood,
to nourish us,
just the way his Mother had taught him.

Every week They offer us bread,
and we offer Them our bodies.
Flipping the script.
Trying to replicate an offering that we will never be able to match.

by Natlie Cosby

Hand-shaped bread in basket on blue tablecloth.