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The Tree of Life

by Jaime Kimball Grant

I want to go back to Mother’s womb.

I want to be connected to the life source She provides and get everything I need for survival from Her.

My breath, my nourishment, my safety.

I want to curl into a ball and feel weightless in Her living waters and know that I am safe even though it is dark.

I want to stay there forever; where it is warm and safe and complete.


But I grow. Things get cramped and uncomfortable. I feel stressed.

I can’t move

I can’t breathe

I can’t grow anymore.

Something inside me knows I must leave in order to survive.

I must leave the safe place.

The place where I have everything I need.


The waters break and the heaviness sets in.

There is light, but it doesn’t feel as safe as the dark did.

I cry. I gasp. I wonder why this violent expulsion was my only option.


Suddenly, in the chaos I realize my life source is gone.

It has been severed.

I am on my own. Without Her.

I don’t have everything I need anymore.

I am cold and hungry and lost.


Where is my Mother?

I take a breath and realize I am in the arms of another. I can see Mother in her eyes but it’s not quite the same.

I can see in her eyes that she misses Mother too.

But here we are.






She feeds me and holds me and I feel warm and safe and content.


Still. I know as soon as I am able I will go

And find my Mother.

She has everything I need.