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Fear and Shame are the chains of men.
she wants power
to bless, to serve, to heal
she is taught seeking such Power is Unrighteous for a woman.
It is a man’s right alone.

he ignores the fact that there would be no man without Woman.

she births men.
she bares his chains
she nurtures the hes that grow to rule over her.
he rules with Fear and Shame.
she learns to fear Shame.

But what if she didn’t?
The chains would stop holding.
They would fail.
They would fall.
And She would create a better world.
A perfect world.
Where fear and shame are for self-improvement, not control.
A world safe for emotions, mistakes, authenticity, Truth.

A world where God could dwell and we could become like Them.

How does She?
She lives it.
Then, She lives in it.

by Kylee

A woman in a black shirt stands amid ferns. Her arms are stretched out to the right and left, and her head is tilted upwards towards the sky.