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Wisdom Joy Peace Love

Wisdom Joy Peace Love

She is my Mother
She is my Queen
She is my Lady
She is my Goddess

I see Her
as the silvery Owl in the full moon‘s light
watching perched high in a tree
swaying with the winter winds

I see Her
as the Hen with Her chicks in the meadow golden red wings encircling them
against a gust of autumn leaves

I see her
as the Dove cooing while weaving a nest
in the crevice of a cliff
with the ocean waves crashing far below

I see Her
as the azure Butterfly sipping nectar
from the array of flowers
in the cool, shady calm of my garden

She is our Goddess
She is our Lady
She is our Queen
She is our Mother

by Allison Amanda Hansen MacKay

Silverish owl is sitting on stump at night in a forest.