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God is also Mother, Woman, Priestess, Queen

Marcie sitting on the ground in front of a large treeGod is also Mother, Woman, Priestess, Queen.

She is the womb of light that cradles us all. The soil beneath bare feet, the life blood of waters flowing from mountains to oceans deep, in our veins, and raining from storm clouds. She is life at its very essence, and the foundational core of all existence. She speaks in infinite language, and through the winds and the stars. 

When we cultivate a relationship with our inner being, our spirit bodies, and tune them in to the divine frequency of our Great Mother, we are led intuitively to the places she resides. She calls us inward. She commands us to know our light bodies. There lies clarity. Like water, her divine feminine flow morphs us into new shapes and forms, curving our sharp, ridged edges into something smooth and malleable. She can enrich every step we take, to move our bodies with more intention and purpose, to breathe light into all we touch. She’s more than a distant disembodied deity, ruling from an untouchable place. More than energy, or frequency. She is of flesh and bone, her heart beating with the pulse of the cosmos, her mind crafted plans that bent light into the universe.

I will not rob her by not declaring her identity of wholeness of body and spirit, a complete eternal being of glory who resides in the throne room beside the Great Father. And one day, I will be wrapped up in her warm embrace. But I know now, wherever I am, I am home, because she is with me. We don’t need a rule book to “find” her or a script to follow to unlock her doors. We already know her, we must simply open our eyes.

The spirit of the law has led me since day one of my conversion. I wasn’t raised in church or its culture. I didn’t have the confines of any particular structure taught by man, that could limit me in tuning into the Divine and the spirit, so I was limitless. I still am. This is not to say the church particularly creates an atmosphere like this, but through observing the way others can live the structure, I can see how people have allowed themselves to see the world through a particularly narrow lens, because it’s safe. But what lies on the outside, the unknown, isn’t evil or darkness, but the inner knowing. It’s the seeking which is our birthright, the knowledge no man can teach us, but only Father can reveal.

I never had anyone tell me how to pray, or what to pray for, or what to not pray for. I had always just known the Holy Spirit, and have been attune to his voice, and infinite ways of how He speaks through all things, to me. God’s voice is always clear. Claim that. Declare it. It is your birthright. Speak it into existence. In this intimate space of light, I have cultivated a true knowing of my origin, where I came from, who I came from, who I am and why I’m here. 

I only ever thought it was silly, when people said we shouldn’t talk about Mama, because Heavenly Father taught me otherwise. Man’s opinion was simply that. I never act unless I get direction from Father, despite any council people in the church try to give me, and by doing so, the spirit confirms the truths and gives me clarity on how to navigate through when people show resistance to the way I live, or how I commune with God. 

When I was little, I had a near death experience, and in that time I saw Father, Mother and Christ. Although my parents didn’t take me to church, there was nothing more important to me than sharing with everybody the truths I knew. I only knew them because I wasn’t scared to explore this unique connection I had to God after witnessing them for myself. This is attainable to all of us. 

My connection to God since my youth has always been face to face, as I’ve had many experiences witnessing their presence, through vision, visitations, dreams,  and ministering angels throughout my short journey so far. When I found the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in high school, it was a homecoming. Nothing more powerful has ever reached down from heaven and directed my course up until that moment I met the missionaries, and everything fell into place. 

I don’t know much, but what I do know, I know, and have seen and witnessed things I can not unsee, that have shifted every aspect of my life, and have drawn me deeper into the loving arms of our Heavenly Parents. There is no one, without the other. No He without she, no Her without Him. So I ask anyone seeking, to seek Father’s direction for you, about Mama, over anyone else’s, and doors will open. Step through.

by Marcie Fajardo