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Heavenly Mother is and has been ever present in my scriptures and my life

Woman smilingMonths ago I was feeling led to seek a better understanding of Heavenly Mother. I was longing for a relationship with Her but was unsure of how to achieve that without stepping out of my traditional religious beliefs.

The more I sought Her the more my soul missed Her. Like really missed Her. It was the deepest sense of homesickness I have ever had. I mourned leaving her presence and the life I had lived here without truly knowing Her.

I consumed every scholarly/religious article I could find about the theology of a Heavenly Mother. Through much seeking, meditation, healing and prayer, I came to understand and believe that She is and has been ever present in my scriptures and my life. To me She is the Tree of Life, Wisdom personified, the Living Water, the Mother Earth, and the literal Mother of my spirit. Her Love is powerful, and something I didn’t realize was here for me all along.

I’ve come to look at our mortal birth as a metaphor for leaving Her presence. We grow and develop in our mother’s womb, but eventually we have to leave. We can’t stay in the womb and continue to grow. And I couldn’t stay with my Mother God and still have the experiences I needed to grow and progress. The separation is lonely and painful and scary and hard, but I truly believe it is necessary so I can become like Her.

by Jaime Kimball Grant