I heard Heavenly Mother’s voice when I gave priesthood blessings

by C. Oliver

glass angelI always felt closest to my Heavenly Mother as a missionary whenever I gave blessings to sister missionaries. I gave a lot of blessings to sister and I would say 1/3 blessings, Heavenly Mother made herself known. I do believe it was in then “Sister Peck’s” blessing that the revelation was given that when we feel we are so abandoned and lost, that even God Himself seems to leave us, THAT is when Heavenly Mother steps in. Revelation was also given that when a Daughter of God receives a blessing, Heavenly Mother stands close by Heavenly Father and directs Him what to say especially when comforting Her daughters. I have heard her voice through those blessings. It is the most wonderful and peaceful voice I have ever heard. There are many more experiences that I’ve had with Heavenly Mother. I know She lives and loves us all. I don’t think Heavenly Father sent that angel to comfort Christ as he bled from every pore. How could a Mother stand by and just watch Her Son go through that? No mother could. I believe She was the one to send that angel and She does the same through priesthood blessings to her daughters. I was very blessed and honored every time Heavenly Mother was mentioned in a blessing I gave because it felt like I had a stronger connection with her in those moments.