I wonder if Heavenly Mother wanted to keeps us with Her

My baby is sleeping in his own room. It was easier having him in our room. He was right there. I could hear him. I could quickly pick him up. I could easily feed him. I could visually check on him. I could protect him. He needed me. I needed him.Woman sitting on floor holding dark haired baby

But he was noisy. He squirmed. He grunted. He wiggled.

He needed to be in his own room for both of us to get the rest that we needed so that we could grow.

I wondered if another Mother I knew had had these same concerns about having her babies farther from her.

What if they need me? What if they’re hungry? What if I can’t hear them? What if they don’t know I’m near? What if my Mom heart can’t handle my babies being away from me?

Although she knew the easier option for her was to keep her babies with her, she also knew that they needed space to grow. They needed to endure the physical separation so that they could gain their own bodies. They needed this so that they could progress and return back to be like her and with her.

So I imagine that she gently kissed each of our foreheads as she laid us down to sleep on Earth. I picture her quietly whispering in each of our ears, “I love you my baby. You may not see me next to you tonight but I am nearby. If you cry out for me, I will be there. I will see you in the morning my little love.”

by Taryn Lopez