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My Heavenly Parents are proud of me

Olivia Barney sitting on the ground with her arms wrapped around her kneesIt’s been a crazy few months and I’ve had to reevaluate and reinvent pieces of myself along the way. It’s been crazy difficult, but I’ve been much harder on myself.

Today I felt strongly that my Heavenly Parents were proud of me and that I needed to trust myself more. I was then directed to D&C 39:8, which says, “…thine heart is now right before me at this time; and, behold, I have bestowed great blessings upon thy head;”

And that’s true. My educational and career opportunities have been increasing daily. My vision for myself and my future has been refined and, in some cases, redefined. I’ve been seeing God (referring to both Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother here) in so many places these days. They’re everywhere, steadily blessing us even when we feel like we don’t deserve it.

And I’m happy.

So if you aren’t, hold on. Blessings are coming. Help is coming. Peace is coming. It took months, but I can feel it again. And now there’s nothing but gratitude and peace. Praying it finds you soon too.

by Olivia Barney