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Paige’s Journey

When I was 15, I attended a youth conference. One of the stake presidency counselors spoke (he’s a pretty powerful speaker), and his talk covered Heavenly Mother to a certain length. I marveled at the doctrine, and pondered on it quite a bit afterwards.

Fast forward to the next day, I had gotten home and was laying in my bed. I was looking at the ceiling, still pondering on the concept of Heavenly Mother. I uttered a simple, quiet prayer, “Heavenly Mother, are you there?” (Almost kind of like the primary song, “A Child’s Prayer” when it asks, “Heavenly Father, are you really there?”)

I’ve gotta tell ya, I’ve only experienced a spiritual witness as powerful as this a few times in my life. There was an overwhelming feeling of warmth in my chest, it brought me to tears. A still small voice spoke to my mind, “Yes!” I was filled with Her love from my head to my feet, and I wept. From then I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I had a Heavenly Mother, that She and my Father loved me, and that I was where They wanted me to be.

That single experience became the foundation of my testimony. Since then I have had repeated experiences from the Holy Ghost and instances in the temple that are so powerful and so real that I could not deny them even if I tried. Heavenly Mother is the reason I am a member today. She taught me what a spiritual witness was and how to recognize it. I am forever thankful to Her, and will always affirm that She is not just real but also intimately aware of each of us.

by Paige