She is there, and She is close.

Years ago, I had been praying about Heavenly Mother, asking if She is watching me and involved in my life, and does she hear my prayers?

One day, I asked my husband for a blessing. It should be noted that I actually had not mentioned to him anything about me and my search for Heavenly Mother yet.

So, when he gave me my blessing, I was overcome with emotion when the first thing out of his mouth was “Meagan, your Heavenly Mother loves you and watches over you, and She hears you”.
I couldn’t wait for him to end the blessing so I could tell him what he had just said, and the fact that I had been praying for the answer he had just unknowingly shared with me!

Heavenly Mother is now mentioned in each of my blessings, as well as our daughter’s blessings, expressing Her love for us and the fact that She is right there along side Heavenly Father.

That blessing was a testament to us not only of the fact that She truly does watch over Her children, and She is not in the background, but it was also a testament of Priesthood blessings, and the reality of Their communication with us through them.

She is there, and She is close.

by Meagan Bigger