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The Night Jesus Was Born

I was inspired by a question earlier this week posted by @seekingheavenlymother. They asked “If Heavenly Mother had been physically present at the Savior’s birth in Bethlehem, what gift do you think She would have brought?” My answer was hugs. Hugs for the Heavenly Hosts that were there… and then I really began to wonder what it must have been like for those Hosts, and for the Divine Mother in particular, that night. So, I asked. I don’t claim this, or any other answers I feel I receive, as doctrine by any means. It’s just what I hear in my heart that helps Me feel more connected to Her.

What was it like for You the night Jesus was born?

“I was not far off. I was not out in space somewhere, looking down at Mary, watching from afar. I was right there with her. I sat with Mary, behind her, holding her, coaching her along, though she couldn’t see Me. She only felt Me in her heart. The moment He came into this world, My Son, Our Son, Her Son- Your Brother, Your Savior, Your Example and Friend, my heart leapt with joy. I could scarcely contain my exuberance. There were many in the stall that night, many angels that rejoiced with us, crying at the impact that this one single birth would make on the world. They hugged each other. I sat there watching their celebration as I stayed with Mary. She had been through a lot, and was exhausted. Her soul was in need of deep replenishment. She had been brave, so brave.  She rested in My arms, holding her newborn babe. They bonded immediately, as I knew they would. He was ready to come, and she was ready to greet Him. This moment, for Me, was bittersweet for I knew the hope, joy and saving grace He would bring into the world, but I also knew the heartache He would have to endure. However, we all knew His plan and His purpose, and rejoiced in the World He would save.

Pencil drawing of nativity scene and a group of angels

So it was when You came into this world, my child. My heart leapt with joy. I could scarcely contain my exuberance. There were many in the presence of Your birth, many angels that rejoiced, crying at the impact that this one single birth, Your birth, would make on the world. Your world. True, Jesus had a big mission- a monumental task to accomplish while on this Earth, for all of mankind. He was to save the world from their sin, teach You all how to treat each other and return to Us. I want You to know, though, I love You just as much as I love Him. I was with Your mother as she gave birth to you. I rejoice in seeing each one of my children enter this world, to go forth and experience all of the joy and heartache that will shape who They become. I know in my heart what each of You learn from your experiences in Your mortal journey, and I look forward to the days You return to have conversations with Me about it. Know that those days don’t have to wait until after this life. I am here, always listening.

While Jesus physically performed the act that would provide a way for your sins to be forgiven and for you to feel eternally loved, you all have a part to play in saving each other. Love each other, as Jesus loved while He was there. Study His life. Learn from Him how to love without conditions or exclusions. Love is the best gift you can give any of your fellow men.”

On this day of remembrance of the birth of our Savior, Our Brother, Our Friend, and on all of the days throughout the year, may we all find ways to love and save each other in any way we can. Merry Christmas!

by Cami Epperson