A family walks away from the camera on a path near trees. A red-haired woman wearing a dress and a man in jeans and a t-shirt hold hands with a toddler between them.

09 Jan: We all need our Heavenly Mother

Girls need to know they are made in Her image. Boys need to know their Mother. We need Her in our church meetings, in our songs, in our art, in Her rightful place next to our Father. We need to speak of Her, teach of Her, and remove the superficial veil we have placed between Her and ourselves.
This photo is a closeup of about a dozen peonies in colors ranging from very light pink to dusty rose.

23 Jul: A Hungering for Her

Hunger. Hunger is a funny thing. Do you ever get busy doing something for a  long time and you just forget to eat? You’re so consumed in the task at…

The snow on the ground appears blue-gray in the low light coming from the right side of the photo. A frozen bubble sitting on top of the snow fills most of the frame.

23 Jul: Their Priesthood

We learn in D&C that the mysteries of God can be revealed to us, but I feel like when there are mysteries we seek that aren’t sought out by the…


25 Jul: A Vision of Heavenly Mother

From Friends of Other Faiths Greetings!! I’m Bob Koenig, of Levittown NY. I’m a lifelong Christian (Protestant), but also a seeker and reader into many things. However, I had a…

Women dressed in white walking in line along horizon

09 Apr: The Book of Women

As a young girl, I created a story in my mind that explained the silence of women in scripture and the absence of The Mother. I had read The Book of…


20 May: Heavenly Mother Talk

I appreciate the opportunity to speak today. I got this assignment the same week as I was asked to be the new primary president and I’m not sure which I…