A family walks away from the camera on a path near trees. A red-haired woman wearing a dress and a man in jeans and a t-shirt hold hands with a toddler between them.

09 Jan: We all need our Heavenly Mother

Girls need to know they are made in Her image. Boys need to know their Mother. We need Her in our church meetings, in our songs, in our art, in Her rightful place next to our Father. We need to speak of Her, teach of Her, and remove the superficial veil we have placed between Her and ourselves.
Woman with black hair sits on ground hugging her knees to her chest. She looks sad.

09 Jan: The Divine Feminine

I always felt a deep love for my Heavenly Father. But recently as I try to discover the responsibilities God wishes me to fulfill, I am led to curiosity and the need to discover my womanhood. 
A mountain peak half-covered by fog is centered on the screen. In the foreground is a grassy knoll.

09 Jan: I’ve found Her

The night my mother died, I went to the mountains with my husband and our two best friends. I needed the mountain, and the night, and the company of comrades…